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We've been around for over 12 great years now. We planned, we sketched, we brainstormed, we designed, we redesigned, we developed and delivered. We worked hard and we achieved some cracking results. We tasted success and we liked it. We are a bunch of nice people easy to deal with.

Nicolae Buhnevici

Founder, Chief Client Operations

Nicolae is a perfectionist, an individual with clear vision and great attention to detail. He has acquired this reputation through many years of hard work as a graphic designer for major creative agencies in Moldova and the United Kingdom.

Nicolae is delivery driven and a man of a few words, traits that, inevitably, landed him in an entrepreneurial role. His company Amigo has been run with same ethos for over 9 years: projects are implemented and developed fundamentally, efficiently but at logical pace; a small, but dedicated team and simple solutions for complex problems. read more

His direct approach allows prompt delivery of projects and avoids the ever consuming bureaucracy, while humour is very much present in the culture of Amigo, thus, making collaborations memorable and easy. His broad experience along with a proven track record of excellence have positioned him amongst the most trusted businessmen and professionals of highest calibre.

Amigo undertakes varied projects into its portfolio with preference for media and e-comerce ones, having developed in-depth expertise for these particular domains. Large-scale projects are always a welcome challenge for Nicolae as a manager and his team of finest talent.

At AMIGO we have a keen ear and truly listen to our client. Let’s meet and discuss, exchange thoughts and get your project rolling

Last but not least – no client is too big and certainly not too small for us. It doesn't matter if you are a well-established brand or a new company – we will treat you like you are our only client!