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Only a personalized system can be reliable and durable.

Every customer wants a website that can be managed without monthly maintenance payments and without special knowledge in IT. We do not just create systems that manage processes and content, but make them simple to use and quick processing.

Responsive layout pages


Any design developed by our creative team is carefully transposed into an HTML/CSS framework and with the help of JavaScript is completed with animation, interactivity that creates a pleasant user experience. For more complex projects we use NodeJS. All our pages are adaptable to various formats and resolutions, from smartphones to desktops.

Dynamic, modular programming


As a website development company, Amigo develops all the tools in the back end based on the Laravel PHP language. The systems developed with the help of this framework have a modular structure, which allows adding modules depending on the needs that arise during the project or website development. If a predefined module does not match the customer's needs, we modify it or develop another one from scratch.

Integrations with external systems


Integration of inventory tracking systems, customer relationship management or order management is necessary for business automation. We have rich experience in integrating such systems and collaborating with third-party developers, so we always propose efficient and fast solutions in implementation.

Customized business systems


If the business involves complicated or specific processes, the use of systems available on the market is difficult and incomplete. For such situations, we design and develop fully customized systems, from the conceptualization stage to post-launch maintenance.

Do you need web development services for your project?

Most often, those who choose to develop with us "turnkey projects" remain our customers for a long time and benefit from continuous expertise in improving and maintaining their projects.


Dmitri Konovalov


Сотрудничаем с Амиго с первых дней создания нашего магазина. Ребята всегда открыты к экспериментам и с радостью превносят в наш совместный проект ноту инноваций и нестандартный подход к решению любой задачи.

Banca Mea

Sergiu Tabarcea

Banca Mea

6 years ago we were looking for a web developing team to a create from scratch a complex website on financial and banking topic. After several months of hard work bancamea.md was online - the first website from Moldova fully focused on financial products and services offered by banks in our country. Amigo team succeeded in delivering all the results at a very high level. Even now, after 6 years, we continue the collaboration. Furthermore this year Amigo team redesigned the website and made a nice mobile version of the project. We highly recommend this guys. They will transform any idea into a great project online.

Magenta Consulting

Dumitru Slonovschi

Magenta Consulting

Noi la Magenta am rămas foarte mulțumiți de lucrul efectuat de Amigo. Băieții au lucrat foarte repede, au fost mereu receptivi la feedback-urile noastre și ne-au oferit suport tehnic de fiecare când aveam nevoie. Pe lângă un CMS comod, Amigo a știut cum să creeze și un design care ne-a plăcut. Mulțumim.


Veronica Tomescu


Working with Amigo is easy, comfortable and efficient. We contracted them after a long and difficult pithcing process. Besides their great reputation, we got some recommendations from our partners as well. Amigo cares about each project, dedicationg time and effort in order to feel and test the product, by bringing best practices to creating custom and effiective solutions.


Mihail Sirkeli


Thank you for designing the new version of our site. We are convincingly different from most Moldovan media and I am not afraid of this comparison :) This was noticed by our consultants from Ukraine, and they also mentioned that many media in Moldova have design problems, so we have a lot of work to do in the future.

Scoala de jurnalism

Maia Metaxa

Scoala de jurnalism

Thank you very much for what you have done with our School's website. It is so easy, intuitive and logical to place content on it that it makes my heart sing with joy, compared to what we had. I don't need a guide to post content on the site. All I need is my mind and logic.