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Search engine optimization is a complex process

We do not sell "magic pills" 💊 and do not undertake a project without analysis, an individual plan and without understanding what your audience is and how we will attract it.

SEO site audit and niche analysis


First, we need to understand what the current situation in the client’s niche is. This audit includes:

  • Keywords research (semantic core)
  • Technical analysis of a website
  • Internal site analysis (on-page)
  • Analysis of competition and competitors
  • Backlink analysis
  • Analysis of behavioral factors

Based on the goals of the client and the results of the analysis, we create ✨ a promotion plan. The plan also includes:

  • Terms of implementation
  • Tasks for developers
  • Tasks for content managers
  • Opportunities to get backlinks 
  • Implementation price

We create a work plan and SEO promotion strategy


Approval of the plan with the client


We provide and approve a promotion plan with a client. We discuss roles, communication methods and budget. 🤝 We sign the contract between parts.

We work and focus on the implementation of the plan. The client, in turn, receives monthly reports that reflect:

  • Work progress report that includes what was done in each month
  • Position change report
  • Report on received links and mentions

We implement the planned actions


Do you want more sales using the website?

We do not make false promises or sell ads. We systematically create conditions and build processes that lead to an improvement in positions and an increase in organic traffic.

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