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A good design is a functional design.

For our team, designing an application or website is a complex process, and involves several steps. We always start with a research, followed by several iterations of design, corrections and reasoned improvements, designed to satisfy not only the aesthetic component but also the functional one.

Prototyping pages and screens


At Amigo, the sketching and prototyping stage is mandatory. Each project starts with a preliminary analysis of the business, the competitive environment and the already existing solutions, suitable for the formed profile. Our goal is to find in time, simple solutions for complex situations.

In this aspect, our mission is to create a pleasant interface, respecting the rules of use of the brand, if it has a brand book. If there is no set of rules and recommendations dictated by identity, we come with well-argued color combinations, carefully selected font sets and well-thought-out navigation elements.

Design concept development


Icon design


We have extensive experience in developing interfaces for custom systems such as: personal accounts for online systems, CRM and ERP solutions. For each project we develop sets of custom icons, which correspond to the specific needs dictated by the field or type of activity.

Nowadays, when smartphones are as sophisticated as laptops, about 60-80% of a site's traffic comes from mobile devices. Our projects are created with the responsive design being adaptable depending on the display environment and device.

Mobile version design


Do you want a website with a custom design?

Every project developed at Amigo is unique, as is every business we work with.

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