responsive corporate website for Jus Aureum law firm

The Attorneys at Law "Jus Aureum" were organized in 2005 by a team of partners leaving Reznik, Gagarin & Partners. Over the ten years of successful work, Jus Aureum earned the reputation of a competent and reliable partner, in and outside Russia.

That reputation based on a diversity of projects is worth talking about and showing on the internet, and here is where our studio came handy.

Throughout connections

Jus Aureum, a truly dedicated and efficient team, was willing to introduce their projects and published articles to the online audience. Therefore, they opted for a site where there are rich and easy-to-find connections between each lawyer and his or her work. From each lawyer’s biography page you can access their particular practice activities, where he or she was involved and vice versa.

Total responsiveness

As we all know, there are more and more mobile device users with each passing day. So the need in a responsive design emerged. Each page was recast and sketched from scratch. Some of the elements were hidden, some were minimised, so that the user experience could be simple and fast, while the content aspects kept their integrity.