Printed and embroidered
custom shirts from zolavera

Huge selection, attractive prices,
directly from Fairtrade production!

zolavera was founded to enable people in difficult
social conditions in Moldova gain an income.

A custom filter narrows the search pretty quick
and also shows the range in the selected colours

To point out the strong side of the zolavera’s business we made a catalog that has a very functional yet simple filter. Its main purpose is to show the needed colours combination without accessing the product itself, after selecting the desired style , cut or collection. Some of the products allow to apply up to three colours plus printing or embroidery of the client’s logo – the strongest point of zolavera custom shirts.

Layered cake

To allow the filter to work in the way it does, we had to invent something specific for the case, allowing customers to change the colours in the selected products. We divided each product image into layers to which later we could apply any given colour from the supported palette.

With a bit of precision features offered by CSS, we overlaid these layers and here we go – ready to present the live shirt.

The colour palette is fully administrable and allows the introduction of new colours in the future. The colour combinations are passed along with each order and also are presented in the URL in case you might want to share the page with a friend.

Buying made easy

The buying process on Zolavera is not usual: you can order a shirt in the selected colours or you can order a sample. While ordering samples is pretty straightforward, buying shirts is more unusual. In the first instance, the product page shows only the pictures, details about the selected shirt, prices, "Order samples" and "Buy it" buttons. When pressing the second button, the page gets longer fitting a price calculator and logo upload functionality.

The customer selects the colours before adding the product to the cart, but can also change it later from there.

Prices vary depending on quantity and logo applying technique

"Going green" will order a sample box containing a shirt and samples of the color pallette. This icon is easy to find on the top of the page.

Pressing the orange button will open the price calculator below. From the top of the page it will lead to the cart.

The calculator is doing hard time math. It tallies the quantity, the logo applying technique, quantity of embroydery layers.

To make the shirt stand out, customers can upload their logos for printing or embroydery just before adding the selected item into cart