website to present Moldova’s pavilion at World expo 2015 in milan

In 2015 World Expo is held in Milan, Italy, between May 1 and October 31 with “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” as its main theme. It aims to address issues related to the future of the planet as well as to the continued excessive population growth and respectively, to the increasing food and energy needs.

AMIGO was selected to work on this challenging project together within a team consisting of MIEPO representatives, IMAGO creative people and Pavel Braila visual artist.

Moldova. No. 1 unexplored tourist destination
across Europe

according to "Lonely Planet"

Message to the crowd needed to be spread quickly and because of a too complex concept we decided to make a short version of the website. In less than a month we developed a small website having brief information on Expo subject and on Moldova’s participation. This version was build responsive as well as full version was planned to be.

When first visiting the website you have a chance to leave everything behind and play a little puzzle. Solve it and you can go further.

If you are not in the mood for games, just skip it and go directly to the website. It wont bother you again on your next visit.

For each project, first thing, we make a detailed sitemap of the website. It allows us to make sure we didn’t miss a future page. Then, each page is carefully thought, designed, and acuratelly built into an valid HTML skeleton. In the case of a responsive website, the design has to be done in smaller versions as well, to allow handheld devices to fit the content.

Mobile version of the website is thought to quickly load content and be responsive to different phones and tablets screen resolutions. Menu is made hidden, contents structure is narrowed and special effects are reduced to make sure the small screen has enough readability and takes visitors directly to the content.