M&M Comert

Representing german
quality in moldova

M&M COMERT was founded in 2007. Its main activity is retailing diamond tools for construction and natural stone industry, drilling tools, industrial generators, road marking machines etc. Today, the company is the official representative in the Republic of Moldova of such German companies as Winter Grün Markiertechnologie GmbH, CEDIMA GmbH, PROJAHN GmbH, Endress GmbH, Stark Red Line, SWARCO AG.


After a few failed attempts to build a nice, functional and fully informational website, M&M Comert aproached our studio with a clearly defined task: make it better, much better. Apart from the nice look, the future website needed to be somehow universal in order to fit other new brands the company is aiming to represent soon.


We had to start from finding the right solution for the catalog section, which needed to be presented in the menu along with other secondary content. Since the range of the products is quite various, we took advantage of a hidden menu which opens above the content and uses the whole width of the screen to present the products categories.



First screen shows the range of brands MM is representing with a short tagline.


Short presentation of the company as well as the latest adition to the video reviews MM is aiming to shoot with regularity.


Their field of expertise is quite busy with envolvement in bold projects, therefore the newsroom is often updated.


Their partners are the biggest players on the Moldovan construction market


The footer gives quick access to small, but important details and the possibility to subscribe to news and promotions

Brand page


Short info on the brand for those who want to know more than just the range of products.


M&M is aiming to gain a library of presentation and review videos for each brand.


Photos from exhibitions, testing products and presentation events as well as brand presenting catalogues.


Since the range of the products is so wide and the area of use is so different, we didn’t go for a classic catalogue, but presented the products only under their brand.

photos, promo, videos

These are always presented on dark background to make the experience better and to avoid distraction from other elements of the website.

product page


The product page is pretty simple presenting the product and some guide on the use from the manufacturers, as well as similar products suggestions.


The prices are available only after asking through the enquiry form and the salesman should come back quick.