First on-line survey platform in Moldova is the first project of this kind in Moldova, designed for online sociological and marketing research. After the registration on the website, everyone can answer the questions of interesting online surveys. These studies will help our local and foreign companies offer products and services which will satisfy your needs.

Homepage shows the 3 easy steps for using the platform and the care Magenta take about users data and anti-spam relation.

For each questionnaire filled in, users will receive a certain number of points. This points will help users get the big prize. At the end of each survey (they will be carried out with the frequency of 2-3 times per month) users will automatically participate in a lottery.

Registration form is not massive and asks for the must details Magenta needs in order to calculate numbers, numbers and numbers.

Logged in, every user can change the details if any updates required as well as see the list of available surveys.

User panel is very simple and clear, where anyone can see the closed surveys as well as the new ones.